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The Drum Cafe Book

The Drum Cafe Book See “Author Faced The Music” – Sunday Times The Drum Cafe Book has been Featured on 3Talk, SABC Africa, Morning Live, Radio Today & SAFM as “Book of the Week”

STAR TONIGHT April 28, 2005

Traditional treasure trove By Charles de Olim Appearances can be deceiving. Take Laurie Levine. She strikes you as everything you’d not expect a person to be, who has written the first comprehensive reference book on South African traditional music. Young, white, female and without an academic background on her book’s subject, she’s the antithesis of […]

Mail & Guardian, May 6 – May 12 2005

IT’S ALL ABOUT THE MUSIC – Taking ownership of traditional African culture By Malena Amusa Appearances can be deceiving. Take Laurie Levine. Laurie Levine is only 25, but already boasts the distinguished title of author of South Africa’s first comprehensive book on the traditional songs, ceremonies and instruments of South African tribes. Her book, The […]

Sunday Times 2005/04/24

Author faced the music AUTHOR Laurie Levine knew putting together a comprehensive book about indigenous South Africa music would be a huge task. So the 25-year-old Wits graduate and singer-songwriter took her time. Two years after starting, her work paid off with the release of The Drum Cafe’s Traditional Music of South Africa in bookstores […]

The Drum Cafe Shop

Good day I would like to thank you for your quick, professional and friendly service, you were the only one that was prepared to help me that fast. I am still waiting for reply by other stores. I would definitely recommend you and make use of your services again. Thanks again – it is truly […]

Custom-made Events

The Drum Cafe’s FNB “Mam’spinza’s Shebeen”, May 2005 Basadi Le Meropa facilitated interactive clapping and taught the crowd Rhythm of the Nation at BMW’s Family Day, Gold Reef City, 12 000 people, November 2004 Basadi Le Meropa facilitated interactive clapping and taught the crowd Rhythm of the Nation at BMW’s Family Day, Gold Reef City, […]


“Jozi” live at SAACI Conference, Sandton Convention Centre, July 2005 FNB’s “Mamspinza’s Shebeen”, 4 shows in 1 day, May 2005 Drumstruck is performing and making waves on Off-Broadway, New York The Drum Cafe’s customised “Sophiatown Shebeen Experience” for SAP, Sun City, February 2005 “Jozi” was the opening performance at the SAACI National Conference, Sandton Convention […]

Performance Groups

The Drum Cafe drum at Buckingham Palace for The Queen of England, during Golden Jubilee celebrations, watched by the entire Royal family and millions around the world, 2002 Sanofi/Aventis merger in Berlin, Germany, 1700 participants, January 2005. African drummers and Western musicians on drums and percussion provided a fusion performance to represent the merger. “African […]

Drumming Performances

Wrote the music and performed at Miss South Africa, 2001 The Drum Cafe drummed at the opening of the Nelson Mandela Bridge, July 2003 The Drum Cafe trained 200 drummers to perform for Tony Blair 5-piece drumming for George Bush on his visit to South Africa, July 2003 Basadi Le Meropa drummed at Budget Day […]

Interactive Events

One-day cricket, SA vs England, Newlands Stadium, 2002. Gave out 60 000 clappers Lithuania State Bank and Hansa Bank, Vilnius, Lithuania, 700 people, September 2001 Interactive gumboots for United Cricket Board, 100 people, October 2004 Basadi Le Meropa facilitate interactive clapping and teach the crowd Rhythm of the Nation at BMW’s Family Day, Gold Reef […]
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