The Drum Cafe Book

The Drum Cafe book, 'Traditional Music of South Africa' is the first comprehensive overview of indigenous South African music. The Drum Cafe has been researching traditional music in South Africa for over 25 years. The Drum Cafe has a large library of rare and collectable books on South African Music. The Drum Cafe also has a large collection of traditional instruments. These instruments are on display at the Silvermist Wine Estate, at the Drumstruck museum.

Traditional Music of South Africa, written by Laurie Levine and published by Jacana, is a 286-page book highlighting the music of 11 South African traditional groups and the instruments they use, including the uhadi bow, the mbira and the ngoma drum. Vivid black-and-white and full-colour photographs of indigenous groups and their instruments are dispersed throughout the chapters. The book also comes with a CD with 54 sound bites of traditional sounds and songs, and it’s made to be played as the reader ventures into the book and journeys to the land of many different tribes.

The Book, chosen for the Exclusive Books Homebru promotion (a selection of SA’s top local books) is available directly through the Drum Cafe (HUGE discounts on bulk orders), at Exclusive Books, or online at amazon.com. Traditional Music of South Africa is an ideal corporate or incentive gift, award, raffle prize and striking coffee-table book.

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