Interactive Boomwhacking

Boomwhackers (interactive boomwhacking) are brightly coloured plastic tubes that are tuned by length to musical notes. A great way to expand your musicality, boom-whackers are a wonderful follow-on from drumming as they introduce melody. When hit on the hand, each colour boom-whacker produces a different tone, with five different tones in total. We split the group up according to colour of boom-whacker, and within a few minutes, the group will be making music together.

What happens on the day?

To begin, the facilitators split the participants up into colour groups, and then give each group a different rhythm to play. These intertwining rhythms come together to produce a melodious musical composition and the group is taught to make music as one. Before you know it, your group will be making music together, resulting in a strong feeling of unityand team building.

Duration: 20-minutes

Benefits of Boomwhacking include:

* Team-building
* Colour and tone recognition
* Rhythm
* Creativity
* Eye-hand coordination

Remember to read about Interactive Drumming, Team Building, Interactive Gumboots, Dance/Clapping/Rhythms. We can combine boomwhacking with these other interactive options, for an interesting and powerful team-building experience.

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