School Rhythms

The Drum Cafe introduces children to music through the joy and ease of playing a drum. Interactive drumming is a powerful and unifying experience for children. We visit schools, with drums for all the children, and teach them how to play the drum and listen to others. The Drum Cafe aims to develop children’s potential through drumming.

The benefits of drumming:

*Creates powerful team spirit for schools, clubs or cultural groups
*Breaks down cultural, race, status and gender barriers.
*Creates a powerful feeling of unity
*Creates a co-operative rather than competitive spirit
*Offers a powerful alternative to drugs and alcohol
*Encourages creative expression
*Provides hand, eye and ear co-ordination
*Integrates left and right brain activity
*Improves non-verbal communication
*Anger release
*Builds self-esteem
*Promotes individuality

Parent and Staff workshops

The Drum Cafe has worked with many schools bringing students, staff and parents together for a memorable experience. We also run interactive drumming workshops as a form of team-building for teachers and staff. Staff workshops are a great way to unite a staff body together and acknowledge their importance. The drum circle provides staff with a way to de-stress and feel the power of being part of a team, and they are left motivated and energized.

The Drum Cafe Social also offers interactive drumming for private functions and as a form of therapy.

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