Interactive Gumboots

Interactive gumboot dancing (or Interactive Gumboots) unleashes energy to any event. We provide each person with a pair of gumboots. Our team will teach your group basic dance routines, and within a few minutes, the group will be grooving and stomping together.

Background to gumboot dancing
Gumboot dancing is a hallmark of traditional South African culture, with its core characteristic of shoes hitting the ground and heels clicking. The Drum Cafe has brought this powerful method to boardrooms, conferences and a variety of functions locally as well as internationally.

What happens on the day?
The Drum Cafe team arrives approximately an hour before the starting time in order to set up, and set out the boots (various sizes) for the participants. As the participants approach, they are met with stomping, slapping, clapping and singing.
The team starts off with an energized gumboot performance. Dressed in coloured overalls and vests, our performers slap their hands and clap their feet together in an energizing performance of intricate rhythmic patterns. This is followed by a warm-up where everyone is taught very simple gumboot routines. As the facilitation progresses, these routines are placed together to form an interweaving dance. Before you know it, the group will be dancing together.