Drum Cafe Zimbabwe

Drum Cafe Zimbabwe is located in 11 Rossal Road, Greendale, Harare, Zimbabwe

Team Building: Unite your company and motivate staff with our world-class team building program, emphasizing team work: connecting, communicating & listening via interactive drumming.

Performances: Powerful drumming performances on djembe and bass drums. Choose from solo performances to 3 or 4-piece drumming to a spectacular 10-piece.

Performance Groups: Be entertained by our performance groups and bands, ideal as a feature show or as atmospheric background entertainment.

Show/Theatre: The Drum Cafe’s shows are theatrically linked performances, ideal for corporate, public and social events. Each show is original.

Location & Contact:

Allan Kennedy Drum Cafe Zimbabwe
Cell: +263 778 505 162
Tel: +263 4 885 200
Email: allan@drumcafe.com
Allan “Adza” Kennedy D.O.B-15th of September 1988 Hometown-Harare, Zimbabwe

As early as my parents and I can remember, music, especially African music, has been a massive passion and influence in my life. I started learning and playing Marimba when I was 9 years old (14yrs ago) at my Junior School in Zimbabwe. This has been my biggest passion in life and therefore, addiction, so far. Around this time I also started to play various types of African and traditional drums and haven’t stopped since. When I was 16 years old at senior school in Harare, still playing Marimbas, I then started coaching Marimba. I realized that I thoroughly enjoyed the teaching side of music as well as the playing! During the rest of my years at Senior School I took up drum kit, and another traditional Zimbabwean instrument, the Mbira. My last year of School was 2006, and in 2007 took a gap year. During this gap I was introduced to Drum Cafe. I then went to South Africa shortly after that and worked at Drum Cafe Jo Burg for a few weeks, and then went on to London a few months later and worked for Drum Cafe London. After my travels I came back to Zimbabwe for a few months and performed with various bands and groups. In 2009/2010 I then went to Perth, Australia, where I studied Music Production and Technology. I played djembe, marimba and mbira in a local, well known band there called Dunumba, and learnt a lot from the various people I performed with. After I graduated at the end of 2010, I knew I wanted a successful, meaningful life back home in Zimbabwe, but still wanting music and interaction with different cultures and people to carry on and be the biggest part of my life. 3 months later, with much help and direction from Drum Cafe founder and owner Warren Lieberman, Drum Cafe Zimbabwe is now open.