Party Bands, DJs & MCs

The Drum Cafe has the experience and contacts to match the perfect band to your party. From Kwaito to Latin, Folk, Pop and Rock, our bands can feature as a main performance or play ambient background music.

What sets the Drum Cafe apart is our top-quality selection of exciting crossover bands that blend ancient and modern, African and Western. We also offer the finest in Jazz and World Music.

To set the right tone for your event (both corporate functions and private parties), we provide professional rappers as well as DJs and MCs that maintain good contact with the crowd and have a vibrant stage presence. After a team-building event, get your group on the dance floor with the Drum Cafe’s cutting-edge DJs. “Jozi”, one of the Drum Cafe’s groundbreaking shows, features a DJ, rapper as well as a storyteller.

For powerful, hard-hitting entertainment, consider a sparkling fusion performance made up of the all-African, all-female Basadi Le Meropa (“Women of the Drums”) and the white male precision drummers of 1st Project . Expect an original blend of the very best in Western and African musical traditions - rock beats grounded by African djembe drums and traditional marimbas creating trance-like house-music riffs. If you’d prefer, the groups can perform independently.

Remember to read about the Drum Cafe’s wide array of performances, includingTraditional Music & Dance, Marimba, Gumboots, Dance, Jazz/World Music, Party Bands, DJs and MCs, Mzantsi Traditional Orchestra, Carnival and Circus Acts and Fusion/Crossover. We can combine our Party bands and DJs and MCs with a selection of our other performances.

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