Mzantsi Traditional Orchestra

The Drum Cafe is a sponsor of the Mzantsi Traditional Orchestra, ideal for grand openings, launches and media events. The Mzantsi Traditional Orchestra presents beautiful traditional songs and compositions, alone or with South Africa’s top choir: Imilonji KaNtu Choral Society. Learn to recognize the voices of ancient instruments - the mbira, marimba, lesiba, uhadi, Pedi pipes, kudu horns and akadinda, in a performance that is powerful, moving and educational.

ImageThe intention behind the Mzantsi Traditional Orchestra is to bring together traditional instruments, song and dance to promote and preserve indigenous African music in all its diversity and help create awareness of the vital importance of cultural

The 12-piece traditional ensemble

Distilled from the Mzantsi Traditional Orchestra, the scaled-down 12-piece mini-orchestra performs instrumental and vocal music from the traditional cultures of South Africa, inspiring an enhanced appreciation of traditional culture.

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