African Rythms

African Rhythms” is one of the Drum Cafe’s most exciting, informative and fresh shows. Developed to complement the Drum Cafe Book, Traditional Music of South Africa, “African Rhythms” is a unique 40-minute show exposing you to some of South Africa’s richest traditional musical practices.

Join the author of the book, Laurie Levine and a talented team of performers in celebrating South Africa’s traditional music, through a spirited talk and performance. Traditional music in South Africa revolves around creating and sustaining a sense of community and belonging. In “African Rhythms, we highlight this concept through a multi-media presentation of the musical rituals and ceremonies of South Africa. The performers introduce you to some of the near-extinct musical instruments of the country and also showcase exciting neo-traditional crossover performances such as Kwela and Isicathamiya. Remember to read about the Drum Cafe’s stunning selection of shows: “Shebeen Experience”, “Africa Now!”, “Jozi” and Drumstruck.

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