Africa Now

"Africa Now!" showcases a special selection of traditional and modern South African acts. We offer an eclectic menu of the cream of South African cultural performance, and put together choice titbits of fine African acts.

Expect a powerful drumming intro with solos from master drummers. Experience authentic Tswana dance and be treated to an ancient culture that has remained untouched since the dawn of time. These dancers bring to life various animals and tell stories through song, clapping and dance.

This may be followed by the upbeat Sophiatown Township Jive and a combination performance of drumming, pennywhistle and sax, with a performance by one of our legendary 1950’s Sophiatown pennywhistle masters, such as Lemmy “Special” Mabaso or Nelson Makhokha. Enjoy pounding rhythmic gumboot dancing, before the show ends off with song, dance and a grand drum finale.

"Africa Now!" can be customised and can consist of our top act, Basadi Le Meropa, the traditional Zulu Ndlamu dance, Pantsula, Afro-contemporary dance, marimba performance and rapping. The show can be viewed in one sitting of 20-40 minutes or can be broken up into smaller sections to be performed over your event. Remember to read about the Drum Cafe’s stunning selection of shows: "Shebeen Experience", "Africa Now!", "Jozi"and Drumstruck.

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